Pram and Stroller Buying Guide

If there is one thing that is hard to buy when it comes to babies, it would undoubtedly be prams and strollers. Here at Motherworld, we often have expecting parents come in who don’t really know what they want and after 10 minute of walking around our massive range of prams, they become more confused than ever. Our friendly staff are experts on all our prams and strollers; they are continuously trained by our suppliers in order to bring you the most accurate information and full product demonstrations and this online buying guide will help you become and expert too.

Does it Meet the Standards?
The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a stroller or a pram is to make sure it complies with the safety standards of your state, territory or country. All strollers and prams recommended and sold at Motherworld either meet or exceed Mandatory Australian Standards, which are renowned worldwide as some of the safest standards in the world. A pram or stroller that doesn’t meet these standards may not be safe for your child.  

Consider your family.
The first step when selecting a pram or stroller is considering your family and finding something that will best suit your needs. It may sound obvious but if you’re having twins, you’re going to need a pram that accommodates two newborns; if you have 3-year old triplets, your stroller will need to accommodate three children; and if you’re having your first baby but your planning on having another later on, a pram that can take a sibling seat may be the best option for your growing family. Most often just being aware of the size of your family and considering their needs will narrow down your choices dramatically, and stop you from becoming overwhelmed by a massive range of products, many of which won’t suit your needs.


Think about your lifestyle.
Do you like to go for long walks on all terrains? Do you jog every day? Is your idea of exercise hitting the local shopping centre or visiting friends? Whatever your preference, personal lifestyle is one of the most important factors when choosing a pram or stroller. If you plan on running, a jogging pram that performs well on all terrains is a must-have and likewise, if you want to go on walking adventures, you’ll need to ensure that your pram has good quality tires and suspension. In contrast, if you’re always on the go or travelling, you’ll want a pram that is easy to manoeuvre, light, compact and can easily fit into your car. It’s important to make sure that your pram or stroller will adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around.  

All the Extras.
Every family is unique so rather than trying to create something that magically suits every man, woman and child, prams/strollers are often compatible with a number of accessories to help them suit different needs. Do you plan on using a car capsule? If so you need to make sure you get a car capsule and a pram that are compatible. Do you want a bassinet? If so make sure you choose a pram that will take a bassinet or even better, find a pram that has a bassinet or a bassinet kit included as standard. Also don't forget the smaller accessories that you might need like a shopping basket, drink holders, matching nappy bag or a rain canopy. This will make your pram as unique as your little one.  

Money Matters.
Before you even look online or visit a baby store, consider your budget. Having a baby can get really expensive really quickly so make sure that you set a budget that suits your financial situation and stick to it. If you visit us online you can refine your price when browsing our range and if you visit us in store, a member of our expert team can help you find prams or strollers in your price range.

Design, Quality, Functionality
At Motherworld we endeavour to only provide products that meet our high standards for design, functionality and quality. Our range of prams and strollers are no exception. Look for prams or strollers that are easy to use and function effortlessly but also observe the design and the quality of materials. Things like tires and the fabric that covers the seat may seem like minor details but these can be the difference between a high-quality pram that lasts for years and one that will tire quickly.  You will have to use your pram or stroller everyday for a few years, so make sure that it will work for you.

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