What You Need to Know About Mattress Protectors

There are dozens of options for cot mattress protectors on the market today, and just as many mixed messages about what to look for.

There are dozens of options for cot mattress protectors on the market today, and just as many mixed messages about what to look for.

The truth is - they are not all created equal, the quality and safety differ greatly from brand to brand. So why should you be using a mattress protector and what qualities should you be looking for?


Why should your cot/bassinet have a mattress protector?

Babies spend a lot of time in a deep sleep state, which causes them to sweat a great deal- more in infancy than when they grow older.

Other messy accidents are also bound to occur that can cause your baby’s mattress to hold moisture and quickly become an unhealthy environment. Unprotected mattresses are bound to become damp. Combined with body warmth, this creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and mould. Using a mattress protector not only keeps your mattress unsoiled (and mattresses can be very challenging to clean), but it also helps to protect your baby from allergies, eczema, rashes and illness.

While it is very difficult to remove stains from a mattress, mattress protectors can be washed easily, allowing for a simple night-time change if needed, and a quick transition back to sleep time, without contaminating your baby’s bed.

What to avoid.

The materials utilised in mattress protectors should be suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin, moisture wicking and breathable. They should aid your baby in feeling cooler and less likely to overheat.

Quality mattress protectors should not include any PVC or Vinyl backing. These materials are not breathable and have been known to sweat and cause toxic fumes. By removing these fabrics, we also eliminate that irritating rustling noise that could contribute to bub’s broken sleep.

Why Smart Dri is the smart choice.

Which mattress protector will be safe for your baby? Australian parents have put their confidence in Smart Dri mattress protectors for generations, proving itself to be a product that they can trust with the health and comfort of their children. Smart Dri draws upon 50 years of knowledge in baby textiles to create Australia’s premium choice of mattress protector.

The Smart Dri Difference.

Keeping your baby and their mattress dry are equally important. A Smart-tex bonded, waterproof, cotton layer is used to provide maximum mattress breathability – reducing the risk of allergens and keeping the mattress and bub dry. Smart Dri mattress protectors are hypoallergenic and PVC free, the health and safety of your child is paramount when designing a mattress protector. 

The top layer and sides need to be both breathable and super soft, 100% poplin cotton is the Smart Dri choice. It’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin and doesn’t undergo the harsh chemical process that other soft fabrics such as Rayon require.

Why inner materials matter.

Cotton is a perfect outer layer, however as a filler it can be very dense and when the moisture is drawn away from baby, it is then retained in the filler. This protects the mattress; however it can create a dampness under your baby leading to rashes and an uncomfortable bub.

Smart Dri protectors have an absorbent polyester filler, a fluffy wadding that is designed to pull the moisture away from your child’s skin and then disperse it. This keeps your baby and the mattress dry and adds gentle padding for extra comfort.

Easy solutions.

With extra deep sides to help you find the perfect fit no matter what size your mattress, Smart Dri takes the guess work out of your purchase. Fully elasticated, double stitched sides allow you to tuck the protector under tightly, creating a snug fit and preventing bunching through tosses and turns.

Choosing high quality materials and innovative design ensures that Smart Dri protectors won’t shrink or lose shape wash after wash.

The Superior Choice.

By choosing a superior quality mattress protector you are making an investment in your child’s health, their sleep and saving yourself money.

Designed to be the premium choice in safety, health and the comfort for your baby- Smart Dri is the smart choice.

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